Laughable Signs That Are Breaking The Internet

    Signs are an important mode of communication and we often tend to take them for granted. Most of the time, we only read them when we are in trouble or lost. Then again, the world is littered with signs that just want to make you laugh. These are the ones worth looking out for.

    No, this is not a typo

    God definitely has a sense of humor. This church gets two thumbs-up for blending church history with modern pop-culture. The people walking by must be thinking that things are a bit different on the other side of those church doors if they draw up signs like this one. The force is strong with this church.

    Our happy family

    These guys probably got sick and tired of all the family bumper stickers so they decided to make one for themselves. By the looks of things, they don’t have kids and are loving it. They have loads of cash and can do with it whatever they want. Bet the guys with kids look in envy at this car.

    The irony is tangible

    Now isn’t this ironic. I reckon Alanis Morrissette could have worked this one into her smash hit. Whoever organized the even must have used channels that the psychic didn’t have access to. Maybe they just wanted to pull a fast one and make you stop and stare in wonder. It would make you think twice about how accurate the psychic’s visions really are.

    The toilet thieves strike again

    There are a couple of things that are wrong with this sign. Apart from being funny as hell, you have to ask yourself who would dare to steal a toilet from the cops. Second of all, they did a proper job seeing that the cops have no lead to go on, or is that the loo?

    To all the mothers out there

    Kids, there are very legitimate reasons for your mom hitting the drinks from time to time. The reasons depend on how many kids she has, hint hint. This sign just spelled it out hilariously and is a brutal reminder that you owe your mom a lot. The least you can do is to buy her a drink on Mother’s Day.

    They ain’t lying 

    It’s difficult to determine whether this sign was the result of a deep thought out plan to keep the customer waiting patiently or not. The one thing is sure, it doesn’t matter how long you wait, you are getting your car back faster than at other places. They were not lying on the sign.

    Only in Japan

    The Japanese people are a proud nation and they pride themselves I doing everything to the best of their ability. Even going to the loo seems to be an art form that needs to be mastered. What’s more, is that they always phrase things so delicately as well. It beats the normal harsh admonishing that you find everywhere else.

    Well, if you put it that way…

    I get it, sometimes you don’t see eye to eye with your president. This guy seems to be quite desperate. Somehow, I don’t think that if people promised to be good that everyone would listen. Sorry dude, you are going to have to stick it out with your current president for the next couple of years.

    The self-care baby

    This is a really cute sign, but maybe the mom is trying to say something to the dad. Nevertheless, the dad is sure to give his wife some extra special attention with all the people keeping an eye on him.

    Don’t worry if you park illegally

    Now, this should be a relief for the guys who park illegally on this spot. Although people might see that you are the culprit, at least you know that your car won’t be towed and you won’t get a fine. If it’s gone, you know its probably stolen.

    What is your dog thinking?

    If a dog is man’s best friend, then surely they have developed the same thought patterns as their masters. This sign made me want to laugh and think about it at the same time. They know that they made an illegal dump and there is no getting away with it. The police dog can smell foul play.

    So what happened to the 15th? 

    If you were working in this building, this sign would have created more confusion than provide clarity. If the 9th floor moved up to the 15th, where is it now? Did they decide to move it to the roof? I bet people would now just go and look out of curiosity to see what took the 9th floor’s place.

    What else were you expecting to find?

    This is one of those dry humor signs that has one of two effects, either you love it or you think it is super lame. The former group has a much better sense of humor and can appreciate the irony. The latter group was probably expecting something from the moon or a NASA expo.

    Simon says…

    Now come on Simon, you guys already had a chat about your selfie stick and it seems like there was an ultimatum. If you didn’t believe Britney when she told you, I am sure that the message came through loud and clear this time. Somehow you should have known that something like this was bound to happen.

    Sometimes the truth hurts

    Now and then, a fan comes along and spells out the truth and the truth hurts. Let’s just hope the Chiefs fans are bright enough to catch this little quip. Just to make sure they don’t miss the sign, she even put it on bright pink cardboard.

    Welcome home, mom

    When a mother goes away for work, she usually misses her kids and can’t wait to see them again. When this mom returned home, she might have been tempted o walk past them and pretend that she didn’t know them.

    How do we breathe underwater??

    This is one of those signs that deserves a double-take. When you first read it, you don’t think anything about it and then the gravity of the absurdity strikes you. You cannot help but read it again and burst out laughing. Better not read it while you are under.

    Getting back to your roots

    Back in the day, the library was a pillar in any community, but the internet changed all that. This library just wanted to make sure that the locals remembered the good old days where they could still trust the info of the books. Besides, what is going to happen to the mythical attractive librarian when there are no more libraries?

    Bookshop owners take note

    If you have ever worked in a bookshop, you will know how spot on this sign is. The shop attendants got fed up with vague customers, so they made a plan. I wonder if they are going to displays all of the other colors as well? I think they are on to a new way of organizing their stock.

    Now it’s official

    As the saying goes, hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. Not only did this guy mess things up with his girlfriend, but he also got to watch from his couch as she rubbed it in his face. I bet you he was regretting the little fling he had on the side.

    If you want to cheat, you better be ready for the backlash

    When it comes to professional sports and cheating, it is an unforgiving arena. Bill Belichick had it coming as fans caught wind of his dark arts and tampering. These fans wanted to make sure that he knew what the rest of the opposing teams were thinking. The security guard doesn’t seem to agree with their views.

    Amen to that brother

    Truer words are seldom spoken. Although this sign is stating the horrid truth and reminding you of the week ahead, it also reminds you that you are not alone in the rat race. The weekend is around the corner.

    Toddlers can get lost in there

    Although you might sometimes feel as if you want to throw your toddler into the washing machine, it is probably not the best idea. The label is just there to remind you that your current rage is only temporary and you will love your kids again.

    Need some extra geography lessons

    You get patriots and then you get the people who believe that the USA is the best country within a country. It is a great country, but somehow you feel that whoever made the sign should broaden their horizons a bit, or the geography teacher should quit his day job and go into politics.

    Cats are so mean

    This is one for all the cat lovers out there. They will know that even if cats could show affection or any consideration for their human owners, that they wouldn’t. They are too good for that. They have this air about them that we belong to them. Don’t expect any messages from them if they could text either.