Heart-Stopping Photos, Taken Moments Before Tragedy

    People and places meeting up to get into trouble. While they get hurt, we get to laugh. This is part of the human condition to make fun of situations that are hurtful, tragic or just plain funny. Especially when they’re happening to someone else. We have to say though that no-one was permanently harmed in the filming of any of these images.

    Trees, power lines and ignorance

    Trees, stainless steel ladders, chainsaws and power lines are not a good combination. But this guy seems to think that they are because he is blissfully unaware of the serious trouble he is about to cause for himself and others. Just goes to show that the right tools in the wrong hands are dangerous.

    Cats, humor, agility and breakables

    We love cats who have a sense of humor. This one is really testing his owner’s patience level with some favorite ornaments. He managed to get behind them all in this tight space without causing any damage. The big question now is whether he is going to be able to perform the same amazing feat in reverse.

    Wheel won’t meet again any time soon

    Nope. This wheel has decided it doesn’t like being abused and is heading for greener pastures. If the owner is too intent on staying on his cell phone instead of paying attention to safe driving – then I have to say that I must agree with the rebellious wheel, which clearly has a mind of its own.

    Blissfully unaware

    Photobomb gone wrong – or right as the case may be. It depends on which side of this ball your face is. Sorry for this guy but he is about to be in a world of pain while his buddies watch on helplessly. Sometimes life just finds a way to wipe that smile off our faces.

    Baseball, faceball

    Everyone can see what’s headed their way at the speed of light. No-one can get out of the way fast enough. Even if they could, there really is nowhere to go. Shocked faces watch in horror – unsure as to whether the ball will connect or not. If must be her lucky day because it didn’t’.

    Stupid or brave? We don’t know

    Standing on the beach and facing down a massive wave that threatens to engulf you is either incredibly brave or insanely foolish. We’re not sure which this woman is because we don’t know what happened after this image was taken. Hopefully, she lived to enjoy the what must have been a very sandy, wet tale.

    Riding the wave till you fall off

    When that waterskiing photo op of a lifetime turns into an incredible disaster. Here we see son giving dad a thumbs up for his athletic performance, unaware that dad is about to take a nasty dive. Oh well – this is one of the joys of watersports. Good or bad – they create memorable moments.

    Tennis trophy strikes back

    Russian tennis star Marat Safin is well known for his wicked temper. Here we see him holding his trophy aloft in victory. Here we also see said trophy fighting back when the lid falls off. Karma in action perhaps? Whichever is it, it makes for a good pic.

    When mom and dad let go

    Yeah – let’s go down to the beach for some good ol’ family fun today. We’ll swing our son between us while firmly holding his hands, while mom holds the 2-year-old in her other arm. Or swings him by mistake, forgetting there isn’t another hand to hold him up.

    Rolling grocery goodbye’s

    You’re hungry and in a mad rush to get up the stairs to start cooking dinner. You’ve just come from the grocery store, are halfway up the stairs and suddenly your dinner is rolling away from you. Horror of horrors! The chase is on because your hunger must be fed no matter the cost.