Tattoos That Didn’t Work as Planned and Are Totally Hysterical

You get people that just want to make a grand statement with a tattoo, but end up getting it totally wrong. These people then post their creative ideas on social media to entertain the world. The intentions might have been good – but the end result is horrible. If you’re thinking of making a notable statement with a tattoo – just don’t do it.

Careful – Tattoo artists can’t spell

So, you want to ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ by getting a tat that says “Finally Famous”? Awesome idea, but you better make sure that your tattoo artist can spell. The “l” in “finally” was missing. Oh well – not a train wreck an extra “l” was added once she figured out the error.

More spelling errors

it’s not that difficult. Replace the letter with the apostrophe, and you’re good to go. This type of spelling error isn’t so bad, is easily fixed, except if you go to the wrong tattoo artist. Now ‘your’ stuck for life with no apostrophe.

So hard up for long hair

You so desperately wanted long hair to go with your beard and mustache. Shame that it just wouldn’t grow long enough. Then you decided to compensate by having a braid tattooed on the back of your neck. So frantic about long hair, you’re prepared to embarrass yourself for life. Go figure!

Is it a crab? Is it a blob?

Yep. The original image that he showed the tat artist looked brilliant, intriguing, appealing. What he got though was some dark smudges blurred together that look like a Grade 1 kid got hold of a black felt tipped pen in the middle of the night. Not sure what that is but it ain’t no scorpion.

From beauty to beast in one ugly tattoo

It’s romantic when your boyf wants to tattoo your face on his arm. But is he genuine or cheap when the tat turns out to be as ugly as hell when you look like the Madonna? Don’t go to artists that make your gf look like she would scare people in a lonely alley on a dark rainy night.

From bad tat artists to one’s that are too good

No, no, no! Your entire leg has been inked to look like a snake? You clearly didn’t think this one through. Your leg under a dark table or after a night of drinking is probably going to end up being chopped off. This artist’s work was so good that this woman’s leg looks like a real snake. Too scary to contemplate.

Japanese symbol tats are the worst

Ariana Grande wanted to celebrate the release of several hit songs by getting a “7 Rings” tat on her hand. One of her favorite songs, but unfortunately, you should never go to a Westerner to have Japanese words inked into your skin. Ariana’s tat referred to a Japanese barbecue. Luckily, she can afford to get it removed.

Paint by numbers

Seriously? We’re not sure who was more drunk for this one – the tattoo artist or the customer. This looks like it started as a good idea but then became a paint by numbers job out of necessity. Whatever the case, I would have wanted my money back, and more to have it removed.

Emphasize the big head

Maybe, just maybe this guy thinks he is super intelligent and wanted to emphasise his big head. Doesn’t seem likely though considering the lack of thought that went into this tat, and the embarrassed look on his face. With this tat choice, he should be. I know I am.

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