Ten Crazy Rules from the Ellen DeGeneres Show for Audience Members

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is a legendary show, with more than 60 Daytime Awards under its belt. It is known as a professional show, and it seems that nothing ever seems to go wrong during the live broadcast. If you’re wondering why it’s because audiences have some strict rules they must adhere to.

The memories will have to suffice

No one apart from the camera crew may film while they’re in the studio. Don’t even try taking a camera with you when you go. While you may keep your cellphone, you’ll need to keep it switched off during the taping. That means you won’t be able to use its camera either.

Tight security measures

Audience members of The Ellen DeGeneres Show must undergo the same security checks they would at the airport. Clearly, the show’s producers have taken a page from the TSA’s handbook. Visitors must go through a metal detector, and they are not allowed to bring any sharp objects with them, and that includes knitting needles!

Dress to impress

Don’t expect to be admitted to the studio if you’re wearing your ‘mom jeans’ or surfer shorts. The audience is expected to wear colorful, trendy clothes to complement the show’s aesthetic, and the dress code is described as smart casual. And you’ll be kicked out for wearing any of Ellen’s merchandise.

You’d better have your game face on

The games in which audience members participate aren’t as spontaneous as you would think. You show a lot of enthusiasm while you participate. Producers lookout for the ‘right’ kind of audience members while they are waiting to go into the studio and pre-select them.

Don’t get itchy fingers

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is known for its generosity. Sometimes audience members walk away with thousands of dollars’ worth of freebies. However, don’t ask for another one to take home for your best friend. There’s a strict rule in place that each audience member can’t have multiple gifts of the same kind.

Dancing is compulsory

If you’ve got two left feet and the only dance move you can produce is the water sprinkler, you might want to give your ticket to someone else. The dancing for which the show is famous is mandatory. So, be prepared to bust some moves during the taping, and practice beforehand at home.

Front row pressure

The audience members seated in the front few rows better be ready. Not only should they be putting out their best dance moves, but they also need to know the words to the songs the DJ plays. The camera crew focuses on these rows during the dancing because Ellen joins them.

No shouting allowed

During the show, no audience members may shout out answers or call out celebrity guest’s names. So, going there to declare your undying love for Brad Pitt is a big no-no! But cheering and clapping are always welcomed, as is the dancing the show is much-loved for.

Leave your snacks at home

Eating during the taping of the show is strictly forbidden. You can eat while you’re lining up to go inside, but after that, you’ll need to keep those hunger pangs under control. The show’s producers have eagle eyes, and anyone not complying with the rules must leave.

Leave your autograph book at home

Ellen never signs autographs for her fans at the show. She will also take offense if you try and hug her. The producers may cite a lack of time as the reason for this, although insiders tell us that she doesn’t really like physical contact with strangers.

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