Times When Celebrities Photobombed Ordinary People

Times When Celebrities Photobombed Ordinary People

Photobombs are some of the funniest ways to prank your friends and family. They’re even more entertaining when they happen to celebrities, or celebrities just happen to photobomb you. This is what happened in a selection of these funny pics. Now, we can also be amused by the happenings of others. Enjoy!

The Queen of England

Imagine you’re at a girls footie game and you want to take a pic with your BFF at the goalpost? You, get in a few practice shots, and you take the perfect shot. Later, you’re going through your pics, and you see the Queen of England smiling at you in the background. A one in a million shot.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Yippee. A family and friends tour around Europe, stopping off at the Eiffel Tower in France. Everyone is ready. Pose. Smile. Say Viva la France!  And who should photo bomb your family holiday pic of a lifetime? None other than Arnie on bicycle, proving that he really is back – just not in his movie scene.

Bruce Springsteen

You’re at a motivational talk given by Bruce “The Butt” Springsteen. The crowd is going wild. You pick up your phone to record the moment and your knees practically give way when you hear that sexy voice singing right at ya “I’m on fire”. Oh yes Bruce baby – so you are.

Dwayne Johnson

What are the chances that you and The Rock Dwayne Johnson are on the same street at the same time? You both point at each other in passing with that look on your faces that says, “Yeah brother- I got you” – and the photobomb is history for all to enjoy.

Bill Gates

Take a pic of me standing in the Microsoft center with a certificate on the wall behind me so everyone knows I really was here, otherwise, they won’t believe me, Andy thought to himself. That’s one way to prove you weren’t actually playing hooky on the day. Don’t worry Andy, we believe you!

Nicolas Cage

That’s right. Mom and baby at the liquor store to get some wine to celebrate her birthday. Booze free until baby is big enough and mom can take some time out to celebrate herself, and what happens? Nic honey – your ego is as big as your personality and we love you for it.


I’m a Slash fan grand mom walking the streets – or rather taking an adventure ride around on her bike. Check out our super healthy energetic grandma who has great taste in music too. We love you grandma, and we love your taste in music. You really are the icon in this pic!

Dave Chappelle

Of course, a comedian is going to “spoil” your engagement at a local restaurant if he possibly can. That’s precisely what Dave Chappelle did when this young couple were taking some celebratory photos of their happy evening. Luckily, they both have a good sense of humor too, which added to the special event.

Arnold Schwarzenegger… again

Arnie is a man of the people and for the people. He loves people and he loves his cigars. Nonchalantly walking past Sylvester Stallone while lighting up a Cuban cigar, his face lit up just as brightly when he realized what was going on, noting that he had indeed “come back”.

Ken Jeong

I mean really now? Who doesn’t love Ken Jeong, and who wouldn’t enjoy having him bring some interest to their photo shoot? Ken Jeong clearly also enjoyed the moment with his OTT reaction, which the girls just lapped up – knowing they would be hashtagging their catch on Instagram in moment.

Zach Braff

Some people are just asking to be photobombed. This couple made the weird request of taking a wedding shot in the middle of Down Town Manhattan during peak traffic. Maybe they just wanted to capture a moment of beauty in chaos. The one thing they did was get a smiling Braff.

Prince Harry

Was this a staged photobomb or did this couple really not know that Prince Harry was sitting behind them? Nevertheless, he always seems up for a bit of fun and this couple could brag about their photo with the prince. It surely has a prime spot on their photo wall somewhere.

John Krasinski

We all know Joh to be somewhat of a funny man. It looks as though it isn’t all an act. The man knows how to be a bit of a goofball off the camera as well. I wonder if these two buddies were aware of the celeb that was bombing their bro moment?

Bill Clinton

Sometimes you just have to look up and realize that your wish did come true. This little girl was not in the best of moods. I bet she was in an even worse mood once she realized that she missed a photo op with the president.

Steven Tyler

‘Excuse me, miss, but I believe you dropped your keys.’ Or at least that is what she might tell her friends what Steven said to her in the parking lot. I wonder if she makes a habit out of taking photos in random locations? It worked on that day.

Justin Timberlake

How good is old JT? Even during a show, he spots the fans taking a selfie and can’t resist getting in the shot with them. The dude on the left looks stunned at what is happening. Did Justin Timberlake just take a selfie with us?

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake is such a laid-back fellow, you don’t have to take a secret selfie with him in the background. I bet that if these two went up to him and asked for the real deal, they might have gotten away with it. Nevertheless, he still makes a photobomb look good.

Matt Garza

Matt just made this fan’s year with this photobomb. The Brewers could have lost the game by a mile and she still wouldn’t have cared. She is not the proud owner of a once in a lifetime Garza bomb. Everything else pales in comparison.

Aaron Paul

It seems like our favorite chemistry outlaw sidekick is just as nuts off the camera than on the camera. The fact that he spotted this photo opportunity out of that crowd speaks volumes about his powers of observation. Well done young man, Walter would be proud.

Wiz Khalifa

What’s better than a lovely Saturday afternoon luncheon with the family? A Saturday afternoon luncheon with Wiz Khalifa taking center stage in the family photo. If you’re looking for Wiz, he’s not one of the musicians getting in on the family fun, but he ain’t far away either.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Usually, it would be difficult to see who is photobombing who in a crowd of celebrities. Nevertheless, Sherlock Holmes was less inconspicuous when he made sure that he would be noticed among the members of U2. Or maybe it was Dr. Strange that prompted him to step into the frame.

Prince Harry (Again)

Now is there a pattern that we can see forming? Prince Harry is at it again and this time, it seems like he is in a crowd of Kiwis. His eye for a photobomb opportunity is rather keen, seeing that he was sitting two rows back of the cameraman. Excellent placement, Harry.

Daniel Craig

One would be excused for thinking that a strange man was trying to get into the picture with the lovely Taylor Swift. But on closer inspection, Daniel Craig continues his man of mystery antics as he snuck in on this Selfie. James Bond with a mustache, now there’s a novel idea.

George Clooney

George Clooney was feeling a bit looney when he saw this opportunity. Steven Spielberg and Jerry Seinfeld were all none the wiser when Clooney popped up from behind like a Jack in the Box. Unfortunately, his jump was out by about a millisecond.

Justin Timberlake

Now can one call it a photobomb when you bomb your wife? Nevertheless, these two still look adorable in this snap. It seems as if Biel is completely unphased by her hubby’s photobomb. She must be used to him pulling all kinds of pranks.

Jimmy Fallon and Cameron Diaz

These two look like they swooped in from on high as they photobombed this elderly couple. It’s difficult to say where they came from seeing that they are already on one of New York’s many high rises. One can expect nothing less from Fallon and his trusty sidekick Diaz.

Jimmy and Jon Hamm

Was this not the same spot as the previous shot? Jimmy seems to wait out his opportunity and photobomb any unsuspecting tourist. But he never seems to act alone. This time, Job Hamm joined in the antics to warm this family picture up.

Justin Bieber

Now Russel Brand and Katie Perry was one of Hollywood’s hottest couples in 2010 and Bieber was still a kid. Who would have thought that he would become one of the industry’s biggest and most controversial stars? Brand must have felt Bieber’s presence as he looked more awkward than usual in this picture.

Oscar Isaac

Adam Driver looks as poised as ever and it is difficult to determine if the man can actually smile. Oscar Isaac seems to take the mickey out of him in this photobomb, but the force is strong with Kylo Ren. Maybe he is just jealous of Adam’s height.

Kelly Clarkson

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi looked as cool as ever in this photo. Although they seem a bit dark in their all-black outfits, Kelly Clarkson brought a bit of color to this snap. Not that these two need any color though, they make black look good.

Michael C. Hall

One could not expect anything less from Tina Fey in this photobomb shoot. Although Michael C. Hall also made an inconspicuous effort to be in this photo. Who knows if this was planned, but Mariska Hargitay still stole the show in her stunning outfit.

Bill Murray

Bill has been photobombing people before the term was even coined. He makes it look so natural to be part of someone else’s photos. Selena Gomez can count herself lucky that she was bombed by one of the masters. I bet she doesn’t even know that she was bombed.

Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman

Now here is an odd combination, but they make it work. Jack Black has always been somewhat of a prankster. Teaming up with Dustin Hoffman to photobomb Angelina Jolie was sheer genius. The serious vs somewhat mentally unstable, few other combos work as well.

A woman… in front of Beyoncé 

When Jay-Z and Beyoncé enter a room, they seem to create that movie slow motion out of thin air. This lady was caught unaware, but when she realized who was walking in her presence, she nearly lost it. Her reaction speaks volumes of her surprise.

Kanye West… and all his family

Now was this a photobomb or an opportunity to snap a picture with Kanye and his clan? One day, this mom will be able to tell her baby all about the famous family that sat behind them on that day. Right now, she couldn’t be bothered.

Cara Delevingne 

When you are as attractive as Cara Delevingne, you can pull any face and still look stunning. Maybe that is why she is such a delight. She was in her element when she contrasted Sienna Miller’s serious pose in front of her. They have nice matching outfits, though.

Paul Rudd

There are some actors that never seem to smile, but then you get guys like Paul Rudd, who never stops smiling. That is unless he is aiming for a photobomb and trying on a new face. Heidi Klum was the recipient of a classic Rudd bomb in this case.

Micheal Cera

It’s difficult to try and focus on what is actually happening in this photo. One does not know on who to focus, the weird dude holding his two parrots, or a young Paul Cera looking like a school kid in this photobomb.

Aaron Paul (again!)

Paul is at it again as he photobombed his co-star Bryan Cranston. He looks almost disappointed that his partner in crime would take a snap without him. But knowing Aaron, he was probably trying to make an absurd face while sneaking an extra pic in the process.

Jared Leto

When you think of eccentric characters in Hollywood, then Jared Leto is at the top on the list. When you think of more sophisticated actors in Hollywood, then Anne Hathaway is right up there. This photobomb combines two of the polar opposites of the industry. What a classic.